Nu-X CBG Tincture

50mg CBG + 1000mg CBD

Product Details:
-Contains 50mg of CBG & 1000mg of CBD
-Naturally Flavored
-30ml Bottle
-MCT Oil
-Non-GMO & Vegan
-Sugar-Free & Alcohol-Free
-Broad Spectrum CBD sourced from USA grown hemp
-Non-Detectable THC
-Third-Party Tested

Price: $23.99

CBG 50mg CBG

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50mg CBG + 1000mg CBD Details

CBD has enjoyed its place in the spotlight for years. However, it’s not the only cannabinoid that we’ve discovered. In fact, there are more than 100 unique cannabinoids found in nature. One of these organic compounds is CBG, the mother of CBD. Learn more about CBG here!

MCT Oil, Hemp Derived Broad Spectrum CBD, Isolate Cannabigerol (CBG), Natural Terpenes

CBG 50mg CBG

50mg CBG + 1000mg CBD Directions

For oral sublingual use only. Place 1 dropper full under tongue, allow 60-90 seconds for optimal absorption to occur.
Contains 1.7mg CBG & 33.3mg CBD per dropper full (1ml).